From the Director

Dear Artists of the Globe,

Italian Translation From the Director
It is a proud honor of mine to fully endorse the Call to Artists of the Globe for the UNESCO Bioethics and Human Rights Chair Global Art Competition. I would like to speak to you as an artist in this letter, for I admire you able for your courageous dedication to the expression of truths in life that may remain otherwise hidden. Through the visual arts, you are to bring before the eyes of your neighbor mysteries that deserve pondering. In the midst of the business of life, you pause, reflect, and transform your medium into the beautiful material expression of an idea.

In the Mission Statement you will discover the meaning of this endeavor, and the noble message you can portray through your art. The aesthetic experience, as many philosophers have noted, is closely related to the ethical experience, since truth and goodness meet in beauty.

You will surely learn something from the effort of creating your artwork around the theme that is proposed. You will need to look at bioethics and human rights from a unique perspective, and to give the viewer a shared vision of what it means to respect the vulnerable in today’s pluralistic society. You will not know for sure the effect your work may have, but we are sure that it will be a positive and lasting one.

We hope you find this project inspiring. Personally, I look forward with great excitement to viewing your artwork, and hopefully meeting you someday soon!

Gomez Alberto Garcia, filosofo, mano, orologio

With my greatest esteem,

Prof. Alberto Garcia, J.D.
Director of UNESCO Chair
in Bioethics and Human Rights


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