2015 Winners & Finalists












Bela Fishbeyn

Artist Statement:

Gerontology is under-represented within the bioethics literature. There’s so much focus on end of life, mostly clinically, but what about the stages before? Older adults go through many changes, physically and mentally, and receive very little support, depending on the culture and country. They are overlooked, stigmatized, an often throw-away community, as though they have already lived their lives and that should be enough. And though we must all face death, we must all face aging first. I hope we can look at older adults in a way that makes them feel valuable and worthwhile right now and not just for who they used to be.


2015 BAC Photography Finalist - "You Are, I Am  - Within and Without"


Barbara Doran

Artist Statement:

When I consider the healing gift of body, mind and spirit I want to speak to something that is global, simply accessible and intrinsic to who we are, where ever we live on the planet. When I probe this further, it’s really about finding a sense of connection – a connection that is at once within ourselves, between ourselves and shared by all life. When we find that feeling of connection within we move from feeling separate and isolated to a feeling of belonging and sharedness with our fellow humans and the living world we inhabit.
Water and air are the great connectors. We are made of both as they circulate through us and the whole world. This photograph shows an experienced sense of connection -one that is simultaneously within and without, a state of being where we can all rest assured that we belong.





Alberto Roman

Artist Statement:

By aligning myself with modern shamanic practices I am able to explore and evolve key interdependent themes such as art and healing. The variety of opportunities to offer integration abound. Whether I stage a theatre of consciousness, perform music, direct sacred hoops, write, and use visual mediums the fundamental intent to provide meaning, healing, and experiences of well being is ever present. The impact of my work will of course be context dependent. Physical, mental, and spiritual healing is a very intimate process. I see my offerings as possibilities for individuals and communities to engage in affirmative declarations of the value of life.





Diana Peña

Artist Statement:

My artwork focuses on alternative photographic processes and mixed media as I combine them with personal imagery investigating the universal relationships of family, health, memory, and loss. These two selections are from a body of work incorporating cyanotypes on cigarette rolling paper. The cigarette paper, which is usually associated to sickness and death, references my mother’s cancer, but now is altered into an object of beauty. In doing so I became mindful of transformative powers of the healing process that I still practice every day.
Reconnect with You includes the figure as a silhouetted self-portrait placed adjacent to the cyanotype oak trees symbolizing the family members I have lost and relatives I have never met.
Gravity is a work with six cyanotypes arranged in a manner that is reflective of the title. The image in the bottom right corner of the frame is an image of my daughter and scattered above her are leaves falling into place. She is the gravity that my life circles around. The negative space in the upper left side of the piece creates a tension between the images. The void provides a place for the eyes to rest while concentrating mainly on the subject.





Luz Maria Dollero & Ana Ceci Parrodi

Artist Statement:

To heal the world, adults must first heal their relationship with their inner child. Many adults physically grow up, but remain immature because they are at war with their inner child. Growing up healthy includes making peace with our past and with our injured inner child. Many physical illnesses have their origins in unsolved psychological, mental and spiritual struggles carried since childhood. If you kiss your inner child, you´ll heal up and you´ll be able to kiss your life and pursue your dreams!.







Isao Kurihara

Artist Statement:

In a traditional Japanese room, there is a Tatami (straw mat) in a Tokoma )decorated corner).
A Kakejiku (hanging scroll painting or calligraphy) is often hung on the wall in the Tokonoma.
In this painting, the KOKORO character depicted on the kakejiku means “heart” for the whole Japanese room is filled with healing. The newborn baby is the splendid present to the great-grandmother, not only for this family, but the baby is a gift to all mankind. As the world population is on decrease, one has to ask, “Is this because love disappears?” A heart of love and a healthy body are the most important factors, perpetuated through healing.
A heart of love and a healthy body are the most important factors, perpetuated through healing.




Sabine Blodorn

Artist Statement:

“You Too” is an integral part of my series “Human Condition” (a personal investigation about human nature in a wider, abstract sense).
In my opinion the gift of healing often arrives with the support of others, however only by way of sharing good news it will find expression. If Mind, Body and Soul are in disorder, it is necessary to connect, preferably with someone of mutual understanding for once condition or situation. I believe my work “You Too” displays the need and desire of expression by sharing this joyful event, tries to evoke a smile in the young and the young at heart as it features a vivid conversation between two obviously astonished and excited figures, communicating about the “gift of healing”.
I hope my work speaks for itself and challenges the viewer to contemplate on my artistic ambitions.




Ted Shaw

Artist Statement:

My current body of work represents both a technical distillation of a lifelong art career and a reluctant out-flowing of otherworldly influences. My paintings are a performance of energy. It is a collaborative dance of elemental, universal, and personal creative forces. I am a medium through which these forces express concepts and emotions. Color is the preeminent tool I use to represent the inexorable mingling between universe and ego. Color invokes pure meaning from our primordial minds clear through to our highest imaginative processes. Color is felt as intensely as our eyes perceive it and our minds decode it.
The very interaction between the viewer and the object viewed is the completion of the narrative, different and unique to each mind’s perspective: the painted image is incomplete without the viewer. In our post-postmodernist world, spinning at cyber-speed, interactions between individuals become a fluid matrix that must not be stagnated by convention. All images, which are contrived to represent, are almost instantly scanned, labeled, and filed in our minds. In order to reach a new perspective through image, the image must evade the mind’s filing system, if only for a moment, and allow for imagination to affect the object.


The Healing gift


Giorgio Dante

Artist Statement:

Healing as a gift is represented in this painting by the gesture of a woman intent to cure and to give new life to a flower by now faded. The flower is recovered and rejuvenated thanks to her act of compassion, patience and hope. She is a source of Holy Love because, in turn, healed in an integral manner in her mind, body and spirit by God’s light (behind her), she becomes a divine instrument / channel to heal other lives.




Jacqueline Allison

Artist Statement:

Painting is a lifelong calling and passion which has always brought me great comfort and much joy. A love of art began during my childhood in the American Southwest and, in some ways, could be called a miracle. My parents were told I might be blind due to a genetic condition. Their fears were unrealized when I was toddler and able to point to particles in a ray of sunlight and say “dust!” Because of this, color and light have always been very important to me and represent the miracle of sight. Growing up surrounded by southwestern Native American art and architecture also made a significant impression and continues to inspire the colors and expressive marks I use in my paintings today.
Sensitive and intuitive since I was a child, dreams have played an important role throughout my life and I often add fragments and hints of images to represent these impressions. As a young adult during a difficult period, I stopped painting entirely. It took a vivid recurring dream to help me realize that painting is essential. The layered method and approach I use to paint helps me create a multi-faceted representation of my own life experience combined with reflections of the world that I see around me.
My sincere wish is that you will experience the excitement, emotion and personal history I feel when I paint and that this artistic bond helps build a bridge between all the ways that we are different yet very much the same.


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